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December 2010
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What You Can Do with a Criminal Justice Degree

December 16, 2010   
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There is a belief that the current deflated job market will take years if not a decade to recover. There are a few career paths that have more favorable outlooks. One industry that is expected to grow over the next few years is criminal justice. This includes not only legal professionals , but also law enforcement and investigative jobs. In fact, police and sheriff’s officers are expected to be one of the top twenty fastest growing occupations through 2014.

Most jobs in the criminal justice field require at least a two-year degree. Others require a four-year or even advanced degree. It is important for anyone considering a job in this field to research the specific requirements not only for entry-level jobs, but for any higher positions they hope to achieve so that they can plan their education accordingly. A criminal justice degree can unlock a new career for many people or an advancement to a higher level of responsibility and salary.

There are literally hundreds of careers available to those who study criminal justice. Law enforcement includes not only patrol officers, but FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, and even Border Patrol. Criminal investigation starts with detectives but quickly expands to include forensic scientists, crime scene investigators, and even computer forensics. There are psychologists, nursing and other medical professionals who serve as evaluators and witnesses in court proceedings. Careers in security, law offices, and the court system are also available to those who study criminal justice.

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