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The Move: Micromanagement and the Big Picture

May 15, 2013
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homeChanging residencies, or moving the location of a business, is certainly one of the most challenging moments in a life. Although it certainly contains all the excitement that a new prospect for experience can offer, it also contains an enormous potential for stress. It’s a bit of an adage, however, to note that the vast majority of things that people worry about never happen . It’s also true that having some anxiety about a move is perfectly natural, because there are many unknown factors. With the help of companies such as HybridAir, these unknowns are minimized.

This gives people the opportunity to really focus on what’s necessary, so they can devote their time to what’s truly important. In the midst of so much change, those who have a tendency to micromanage have more experience with new anxieties than anyone else. There are too many details to consider, and too many unknowns. But online resources are there to help answer these concerns, so that the mover can find out about the neighborhood , and know more about the building that they may have ever imagined. With a prominent profile on sites like flickr, companies like this can give the potential mover a visual display of information, so that a mental picture can form, and they can start to focus on the bigger picture.

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photo by: Unitopia

A Successful Trade Show Booth

August 17, 2010
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In order for trade show booths to be successful, it requires a steady stream of visitors. There are 2 choices: to either rely on the trade show promoter to bring in potential customers, or take hold of the reigns and market your trade show booth independently. The latter is the best choice to drive up the return on your investment.

With the right marketing technique, you’ll be able to dramatically increase foot traffic to your trade show booth. Traditionally, trade show booths have relied primarily upon the organizers of the trade show to do the promotion. That’s mostly why the fees to participate are expensive. However, the market today is cut-throat and highly competitive, so relying on the trade show organizers promotional efforts alone is not enough, most times the promoter doesn’t care if a visitor comes to your booth or not; they are more focused on bringing them to the event only.

Taking charge to promote the fact that your company will be at the trade show can be relatively inexpensive. Depending on your clientele, promoting may be as easy as advertising in the local newspapers, trade journals and mailing postcards to special prospects that your company will be in town. Offering free samples of what you’re selling if they stop by your trade show booth and present the mailer is a great way to see if your mailer made any difference. Sending personal emails to potential clients and established clients to let them know your company will be in town is a nice touch, especially if you let them know there’s a gift basket waiting for them if they come by your booth.

Don’t rely on the trade show promoters advertising alone to bring in visitors, do your own pre-promotion .

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Cultivating Charisma

June 2, 2010
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Business school teaches any number of very useful tactics, strategies, and philosophies for making a good mark in the world at large. Statistics and formulas can be very helpful in making important projections that can give an idea about the life of the company, and offer some hints as to what needs work in order to make things run better. Cultivating charisma, on the other hand, is something that comes out of the person, and is something that can’t be given in any educational context. It comes from experience, combined with the natural talents that people are born with.

It is a very good business strategy, however, to work on one’s own charisma, taking pains to evaluate the effects of one’s charm in the workplace as well as on the ground, where many deals begin. An excellent place to begin is with presentation training , which can offer valuable lessons for the presentation of self. How we perform in everyday life is something of which most people are generally very unconscious. People might be aware of what they want, and how others might affect their drive to meet their goals, but don’t necessarily look at how their personality is playing out in front of others.

Looking at how to make effective presentations is a means toward unlocking the secrets of one’s own inner charisma . This is because it can teach how to perform the self in a way that’s rarely examined. People generally like performances, and when someone is speaking, an effort to assert personality and charm are welcome additions to any presentation. The information sinks in more deeply, and they learn to appreciate that the speaker is making an effort at turning a moment into something exciting.

Just as in customer service training seminars , when there is often a focus on cultivating a friendly demeanor in order to please the customer, these small touches at being in the moment can be enormously charismatic. This doesn’t mean adopting masks and assuming roles one doesn’t believe in, but in highlighting the strong points of one’s own being. It can be the difference between a satisfied customer for the moment, and a customer for life. It can also help to make everyone in the room one’s friend.

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